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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Regular Council Meeting

7:00 p.m.



   I. Meeting Call to Order

     * Pledge Allegiance to Flag

  II. Minutes

 III. Appropriations

 IV. Public Forum   

  V. Open Session

 VI. Approval for Amended Agenda

VII. Department Heads

1.     Landon Wiseley, Police

A.    Executive Sessions 

B.    National Night Out                                       

  1. Spanky Brooks, City Superintendent
  2. Ed Parks, City Judge
  3. Dawn Cornejo, Ambulance Director
  4. Mike Erker, Fire Chief
  5. Marsha Harrelson, Librarian

      7.  Jenny Osner, Pool Manager

      8.  Crystal Hinnen, City Clerk

          A. Wheatland Poles and substation

          B. Letter to the council

          C. Construction

VIII. Professional Reports

        1. Gary George, City Auditor

        2. Foulston Siefkin LLP, City Attorney   

IX. Reports of City Officers

        1. Lyn Meyers, Fire, EMS, Police, Emerg. Prep.     

        2. Larry Phye, Water, Sewer

        3. Janet Wiseley, Streets, Lights, Signs

            A. Street project

        4. TJ Sones, Park, Pool, Museum

        5. Daryle Smith, Refuse, Recycle, Cemetery, Sports Complex

        6. Dan Doffing, Mayor

    X. Adjournment