Change of City Council meeting time / place / date / Special meeting 2021

Date: _____1-26-2021_________________________________

Place: City Hall

Address: 208 W Spring, Conway Springs KS 67031

Also Available for Viewing Online Zoom Meeting Link Meeting ID: 612 380 2155

Time : _____6 Pm__________________________________________

Regular Meeting

This is your notification by email or USPS mail for all special meetings, date/time/address changes to scheduled meetings of the City of Conway Springs. Notification request expires on December 31 of the current year. You must complete a new notification form for each fiscal year. (K.S.A. 75-4318)

Meeting Agenda for 1-26-21

1) Meeting Call to Order

A. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag

2) Call to Public: Please sign in on the Public Forum sign in sheet, “Members of the public area welcome to use this time to comment about any matter relating to City business. The comments that are discussed under Call to Public may or may not be acted upon by the Council during this meeting. There is a four-minute time limit for each speaker. When called on by the City Clerk please stand and state your name.

3) Administrative Business

a) Minutes Regular meeting 1-12-2021

b) Appropriations, 1987

c) Pending List

d) Amended Agenda

e) Professional Reports

4) New Business

5) Staff Reports

a) Police Department

b) EMS

c) Fire Department

d) Maintenance

e) City Hall

f) Pool

6) Council & Mayor Update

a) Lange – Park, Pool, Museum, Sports Complex

b) Franklin – Water, Sewer

c) Wiseley – Streets, Lights, Signs

d) Sones – Refuse, Recycle, Cemetery

i) City Wide Cleanup Dates

e) Smith- Fire, EMS, Police, Emergency Preparedness

i) Disposal of 1995 Engine 2

f) Mayor Gerlach

7) Adjournment