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A Downed Power Line:   To report a downed power line, please call 911.

A Gas Leak:  To report a gas leak, please call 911.

A Pothole:  Please fill out the form which will be delivered to our street department.  The street Department maintains an ongoing compilation of reported potholes. As weather permits, potholes are repaired. Please keep in mind that a temporary fill will be used in cold weather until the hot mix plant is up and running.

A Power Outage: To report a power outage, please contact  Wheatland Electric at the Harper office at 620-896-7090

A Water or Sewer Problem: Contact City Hall at 620-456-2345 or if an emergency call 620-545-5345 or 620-399-3063

A Stray Animal: To report a stray animal, please contact the Conway Springs Police Department 620-456-2277.