Municipal Court

Welcome to the Home Page of the Conway Springs Municipal Court

Municipal Judge: Russell L. Mills 316-789-9956

City Prosecutor: Janet Amerine 316-833-6298 or 620-456-3168

The process you must go through as a defendant or person charged with a violation involves the following:






Decorum and Safety

Municipal Court Mission Statement:  The purpose of the Conway Springs Municipal Court is to assure equal access, fair treatment, and just and efficient adjudication of alleged violations of city codes for all people.

The Conway Springs Municipal Court oversees cases involving violations of City Ordinances which include traffic, misdemeanor criminal cases, and code violations. The Judge, under the Code of Criminal Procedure, the Code of Municipal Courts, the Kansas Rules of Evidence and the City Code of Conway Springs conducts all trials. There are no jury trials in Municipal Court.

The City of Conway Springs has adopted the Standard Traffic Ordinances for Kansas Cities and the Uniform Public Offense Code for Kansas Cities in addition to the Ordinances of the City of Conway Springs.  All charges brought against individuals must be derived from an ordinance contained within those sources. Copies are available for viewing at the city clerk’s office.


Under Kansas law, a person can be brought to trial after a complaint or traffic citation has been filed.  The complaint or citation is a document that outlines what the person is charged with and states that the actions are unlawful.  As a defendant, you have a right to inspect the complaint or citation before trial.