Current Projects

Museum Remodel & Update

In 2019, Museum Curator petitioned the City Council to facilitate much needed renovations and repairs to the Conway Springs Museum on main street. The scope of the project includes display cabinets, air quality improvements, structural repairs, and more.

Technology Advancement & Modernization

The 2019 COVID Pandemic brought to the forefront the need for more technological advancement for the city. Largely funded by Pandemic relief grant funds, the city is working to put into place systems and tools to keep technology advancing and modern.

Completed Projects

Water Project

Completed in 2019, the water project aimed to bring cleaner and safer water to residents and businesses with a state of the art water treatment plant, supply lines to homes and businesses to comply with KDHE guidelines and mandates.

Concession Stand

A central structure in our City Park, the "concession stand" used for various functions has been completely rebuilt, and is now a safer, more sturdy structure for entities and individual rental and use. Completed in 2019. 

Horse Shoe Pits

Completed in 2020, largely with citizen leadership, donation and volunteering, the new horseshoe pits are tournament ready, and built in memory of long-time community member and horseshoe aficionado Bill May.

EMS Building

In 2018, the old Fire Station was remodeled and CSEMS moved in. Complete with living quarters, storage for 2 ambulances, and office space, the now full-time EMS service, its staff & volunteers have adequate space.

City Signage

Welcome signage at City Limits was updated in 2020 with our motto: "Small town, Big Heart" to showcase the Conway Springs spirit. Additionally, holiday pole signs were updated to help create a festive atmosphere for our small town main street businesses!

Community Building

Repairs and cosmetic updates, as well as updated signage were completed at the Community Building/Police Department in 2019. Friendship meals, classes, PD, and rentable space is all housed in this building.

Dillys Place

Dilly's Place is the only all-inclusive, all-abilities playground in Sumner County, Kansas. Started with the leadership and dreams of the Kelly family, facilitated by donors, volunteers, and years of fundraising, Dilly's Place finally made it's home in our Central Park in 2019, and is enjoyed by families of all abilities, ages, and locations.

Fire Station

Upcoming Projects

Wastewater (Sewer) Project

In order to comply with KDHE mandates, the Conway Springs Wastewater Project will begin in Spring 2021. Check back for more information and updates.

Code Enforcement & Property Clean-up

To continue exuding community pride, the governing body will be working to ensure properties align with city code for safety, presentation, and true Conway Springs Pride! Stay tuned for more information and updates.

Fire Station Remodel

After years of donations and fundraising for the Volunteer Fire Department. City Council has approved the complete remodel of the  current Fire Station. A display of the design can be viewed at City Hall. Stay tuned for the upcoming project and completion! 


STREETS- With the newly voted sales tax increase. Funding from the 1% sales tax increase will go towards the repairs, repayment if any, and maintaining of streets after completion.